NESTI DANTE Dei Colli Fiorentini Collection

The Florentine Floral soap collection was inspired by the fragrant flowers of the Tuscan countryside.

The Dei Colli Fiorentini collection includes 6 triple milled soaps:

  • IRIS soap: the romantic scent of iris from the Tuscan flower garden. Iris flower, the Fleur-de-Lys of Florence, Italy, symbolizes beauty and femininity.
  • VIOLET (Violetta) soap: elegant, sweet violet bar soap with a romantic fragrance.
  • BROOM  (Ginestra) soap: sweet, relaxing fragrance of broom flower fields.
  • POPPY (Papavero) soap: the fragrance of delicate poppy flowers flourishing on the wild fields of the countryside, symbolizing beauty and tenderness.
  • CYPRESS (Cipresso) soap: fresh, invigorating scent of the beautiful, evergreen cypress tree of Tuscany.
  • TUSCAN LAVENDER (Lavanda) soap: the soothing fragrance of the Tuscan lavender fields.



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