7 Fall Self-Care Ideas to Keep Yourself Feeling Great!

7 Fall Self-Care Ideas to Keep Yourself Feeling Great!

So… you’ve just finished a long and hectic summer filled with traveling, parties, and stress. It was great fun while it lasted, but now you can’t wait for things to go back to normal. The good news is that fall is just around the corner—and with it comes a whole new set of benefits that will allow you to recharge and feel great again. Along with the beautiful changing leaves come crisp weather, delicious apples, and some awesome self-care ideas to keep your batteries charged throughout this exciting time of year. Keep reading for our top 7 self-care ideas to help keep your spirits high this fall!

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Go for a walk

While they may not be your first go-to self-care activity, going for walks can have a ton of great benefits. And they’re completely free! Walking is a great way to lower stress levels, increase serotonin, and improve your mood so that you feel happy and energized again. It’s also an excellent way to connect with nature, which has been shown to lower stress and boost mood. What’s more, walking is an exercise that is easy on your joints and doesn’t require any special equipment. You can go for walks in your neighborhood, or if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can even go for a walk indoors with a fitness tracker.

Have a cozy night in

The day to day pressures of life can be hugely stressful. But all that can be forgotten with a cozy night in filled with plenty of pampering treats. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy them all the more as you snuggle up on your couch and watch the leaves fall outside your window. So, what self-care ideas do you recommend? Make yourself a delicious, healthy meal, and then kick back and relax with your favorite TV show or book. You could also draw, paint, or write to boost your mood, lower stress, and get your creative juices flowing again. If you have any plants, now is a great time to care for them and watch them change through the fall. You could also light some candles and incense to create your own cozy ambiance.

Fall Have a Cozy Night In

Get a massage or facial

While a massage can help you relax almost any time of year, they can have even more benefits during the fall. During fall, the leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. This symbolizes letting go of past hurts and pains. Receiving a massage or facial during this time can help you release these pains and open yourself up to receive new joys that the fall season has to offer. If you don’t have the money to go to a spa, you can do a self-massage instead. While it may not be quite as relaxing, it can still help you relax and release tension in your muscles.

Light some candles and incense

Candles and incense have been used as self-care traditions for centuries. They are great for creating a beautiful ambiance in your home, and they can be a powerful way to lower stress. It is said that scents can help regulate mood and emotions. During the fall, many people like to light scented candles and incense to bring in the fresh scents of fall. These scents can help you feel more relaxed, reduce stress, and bring in positive vibes. Try lighting a few candles during your next cozy night in. You could also light a few incense sticks and create your own aromatherapy experience.

Create your own snuggly sanctuary

If you enjoy the benefits of having a snuggly blanket when you binge on TV shows, you’ll love this self-care idea. Creating your own snuggly sanctuary is a great way to get away from the day to day stresses of life. You can do this by curling up with a blanket or pillow on your couch or bed. What’s more, you can customize your experience by adding in scents, music, and other sensory elements to really make it your own. This is a great self-care idea to try when you need to recharge and recover from a stressful day.

Fall Comfort Food

Eat healthy food to fuel yourself

This one might seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that what you eat is an important part of self-care. Eating healthy food and staying hydrated is the best way to stay energized and alert. This is especially important during this time of year. When fall comes around, it gets darker earlier, which can disrupt your natural circadian rhythms. Try making a healthy salad or soup for dinner, or if you’re feeling like a treat, pour yourself a warm mug of hot coco. What’s more, you can even try baking this delicious pumpkin pie recipe.


So, there you have it—our top 7 self-care ideas for fall. No matter what kind of mood you’re in, these ideas are sure to lift your spirits and help you to feel great once again. From going for walks to creating your own snuggly sanctuary, these are simple and cost-effective ways to help yourself feel better and more in tune with yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Get these self-care ideas on your calendar and try to fit some into your everyday life. You’ll be glad you did!

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