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Shower Burst Duo - REFRESH - Grapefruit Lavender

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Refresh - a restorative blend of Grapefruit & Lavender essential oils


Wake up or wind down with these natural shower steamers that fill the room with the relaxing aromas of grapefruit and lavender. With scents to satisfy any mood, you're sure to find just the right one to help you relax, focus, energize, or simply enjoy. 


Includes 2 shower steamers and one sachet.

  • All natural ingredients ~ Vegan ~ Cruelty-free
  • 2 oz each.
  • Handmade in USA.
    How to use
    • To use the Shower Burst: Unwrap it from the foil, lightly wet it and place it in the sachet bag provided. 
    • After getting it damp, Shower Burst will activate with the humidity in your shower and dry afterwards. The next time you get in the shower you can re-wet the tablet to activate it again for multiple uses.
    The brand

    Founded in 2002, hydra began selling handmade bath and shower products in its San Francisco store. With the launch of the Shower Burst, hydra set itself apart in the bath and body industry - transforming showers across the country into at-home spas. 18 years later, hydra continues that same tradition of natural and eco-friendly products using the highest grade essential oils, crafted in Lexington, KY.