SALUX Beauty Skin Cloth

By Salux

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These are the original, authentic Salux cloths, made in Japan. The award winner beauty clothes are available in different colors to pick your preference. 

  • Special texture to stimulate circulation, and exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Long lasting, hygienic. Rinses easily and dries quickly.
  • Size 35" x 11"
  • 60 % nylon, 40 % polyester.
  • Ideal for the entire body (not for face)

Use only on your body, not on face!

  • Get in the shower, keep your body wet. (Can be used for dry brushing also)
  • Soap the wet Salux cloth - watch the lather grow.
  • Keep Salux away from the direct flow of water (otherwise soap suds will be washed away)
  • Stretch it across your neck and upper shoulders and shoe shine down your spine, all the way to your tailbone. Now, reach behind and get that often missed spot called the small of your back. It's where the spine curves in at the level of the waist. Next, drape it over one shoulder diagonally down your back scrubbing again with a back and forth motion. Repeat over the other shoulder. You now have a clean back devoid of oil, dead skin cells & dirt that can block pores. 
  • After rubbing with Salux, rinse throughly.

How to care for the Salux

A: Your Salux will rinse very clean with just water after each use. Unlike a washcloth or loofah, they will not harbor mold and bacteria. They can be put in the washer. DO NOT put in the dryer, they dry very fast just hanging.

Is there a difference in the texture between the colors?
There is no difference in the exfoliation texture in the colors or numbers. #100  #200 and #300 only refer to the color group. 100 is classics blue, yellow and pink- 200 is white and 300 is the pastel group green. peach and powder blue. All colors and numbers are the same Japanese normal (most popular) texture.

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