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DRESDNER ESSENZ Natural Bath Salt Gift Set - 4 pcs -

DRESDNER ESSENZ Bath Salt Set - 4 pcs

By Dresdner Essenz

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Soothing health baths with natural essential oils.

The great variety set includes 4 x 60 g (2.1 oz) packets: 
  • 1 X DEEP RELAXATIONThanks to its balancing effect, lavender oil will refresh you when you're exhausted, and relax you in hectic and stress times. The oil of the Indian melissa balm will help you to rediscover your inner balance and peace of mind. 
  • 1 X BREATHE EASYNourishing and vitalizing bath essence with eucalyptus and fennel oils as well as soothing, natural bee's honey.The essential oils can develop their full potential in the bath and provide for a pleasant liberating effect. The bath essence promotes your general well-being - without the risk of catching a cold. 
  • 1X MUSCLE THERAPYRegenerative bath essence with juniper berry and wintergreen oils. The bath has a particularly beneficial effect after strenuous sporting activity. The beneficial warmth of the bath combined with the essential oils stimulates circulation and has a relaxing effect on the muscles. 
  • 1X SOOTHE & UNWIND: Relaxing bath essence with natural essential lavender and palmarosa oils, West Indian sandalwood and valerian root oil. The pure essential blend of oils calms the mind and helps you unwind after a long, stressful day. Hop blossom extract has a mood harmonizing effect. 

All of them contains nourishing sesame oil in combination with wheat protein and panthenol to give your skin the ultimate treat.

NO synthetic fragrances or preservatives.


Since 1910, Dresdner has been producing a range of outstanding bath and personal care products that combine pure essential oils with other nurturing ingredients. Guided by the principles of aromatherapy, their Traditional line presents luxurious bath powders and liquids, massage oils, sauna oils and shower gels with abundant amounts of these nourishing, aromatic ingredients.

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