Dirt Bag Beauty PINK BEACH Bath Soak Review

Dirt Bag Beauty PINK BEACH Bath Soak Review

We just got some of this natural bath soak salt in the store and I was excited to try it right away help. I had a workout this afternoon and nothing's better than a salt soak to help the muscles relax and recover.
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Who's Dirt Bag Beauty?

Funny name, right?

Dirt Bag is a clean beauty brand that brings you products that are toxin-free, zero waste—sustainable, compostable, recyclable and highly effective. All of their products have an emphasis on high quality, food-grade, vegan, organic and all-active ingredients. 

So the ingredients are safe, and made in the USA. 

Here are the simple ingredients:

Sea Salt, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Dragon Fruit, Kaolin Clay, Organic Honey, Organic Papaya, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Jasmine, Organic Sweet Orange

That's all. No chemicals.

It was simple to open the bag without having to use scissors, and the small, single-use packets of bath salt were perfect for one bath. The bigger 8 ounce bags are good for 3 baths.

Dirt Bag Beauty Pink Beach Bath Salt

 The pink, grainy salt inside is not completely dry, you can tell real honey and fruits in it.

Empty the whole packet into the hot bath water. It took a little bit of swishing to get it to dissolve. After the dark pink color faded, it became light, then nearly colorless. I don't mind this at all, as I dislike cleaning up after colored bath treats. 

The salt bath was wonderful. I enjoyed the light, fruity, exotic, beachy scent.

My skin did not dry out, it felt smooth and moisturized. 

This bath soak is definitely a great addition to Merry Bath. 

We hand pick each item to make sure you’re getting the best-quality products. We research every product’s formula, reviews, and top complaints before adding them to our shelves. 



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